Renovations, Additions & Outbuildings

When the neighborhood is perfect but the house is not, an addition or renovation can be the answer. While this type of project presents its own set of challenges, Whitla Brothers Builders has the experience and know-how to transform an existing house into a more comfortable home.
Unique outbuildings answer the need for functional but separate space for hobbies or guests. Whitla Brothers Builders brings the same level of attention and excellence to these special projects that they devote to the homes they build.

Renovation work often requires complex decision making in the field. We thrive on design challenges and can anticipate and solve problems before they happen. Because of this, we have gained the trust of architects and clients alike. Douglas Whitla

I am amazed by our new space and thrilled by the quality of the construction. Our family will create many happy new memories in our redesigned home. M.C. from Chatham